Weight loss is a field full of mines,one wrong step and everything goes boom. Everyone has a different body type,so it is obvious that what suits others may probably not suit your body.

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Weight loss

So here are some weight loss tips which are considered to be the best.

Keep A Food Diary

Keeping a record of your daily food intake is a very good habit and especially for those who want to lose weight. By having a daily food journal you will be able to keep a close eye on how much calories you consume in a day and from where the extra calories are coming from. This helps you in making some very necessary change into your diet.

Make Small Changes You Can Stick With

Sometimes small changes can also create a great difference. So if you fail in your diet after following some huge changes, then it is better that you inculcate some small changes with which you can stick for a very long time for reducing your calorie intake successfully.

These small changes may include:

  • Switch to low-fat dairy products or low-calorie plant-based alternatives.
  • Avoid eating bread and pasta.
  • Try having sweet treats just once in a week and if possible avoid them totally.
  • Eat healthy snacks which include natural sweetness and savoury.
  • Fill your plate with as much as veggies possible.


The bottom line is – for carrying out a successful weight loss you choose ways which suit you the best and help you in maintaining your health effectively.

mens bikiny

While buying a men’s underwear you must alwaysbe asking your self. Will this underwear look good on me? Will it be long lasting? Will it fit well? So here is an ultimate guide which will help you in buying a perfect men’s underwear.

First of all you have to think that why are you buying a particular pair of men’s bikini underwear or any thing else. Are you buying them so that you can look cute? Are you buying them because you need something to wear on the beach? Or are you looking for something comfortable to wear while you are at work? What are you looking for is going to hopefully depend on what you need. Just think about it. You definitely don’t buy only one kind of shirt and attempt to wear it for any or all occasions. You have a casual shirt, a different work shirt, a formal shirt. In addition we all know that everybody’s body is different, so what may go for what may work for some one may not work for others. For instance a certain body type can carry only a certain brand.

Luckily thousands of brands are out there in the market which are catching wise and introducing their underwear collections with anatomical variations depending on various body types and preferences. One such brand has decided to introduce 4 different types of pouches for their new collection which are Classic Pouch which creates a more streamlined profile. We have than Anatomical Pouch which provides a generous amount of room up for everything to kind of hang free. Other two are Comfort Pouch and Contour Pouch. All their pouches were designed with the same soft and light fabric and have a sporty look to the wearer.

But again this is just one scenario. If you are looking for something more elegant and streamlined, then for that a lot of sites are available who offer a very large selection of brands and sites. All these site also provide info on how to size each brand, since  they are all just a bit different. You should also keep in mind that for what are you buying the underwear for, and keep that in mind when you look at the fabric content. If you are buying a gym underwear, then its likely that you will be willing to get something breathable or moisture-wicking. If you are buying for style and luxury, then you will likely opt for something which provides a more luxurious feel.

So the ultimate point is that men’s underwear has come a long way now form tighty-whitey. There’s basically been a renaissance, with more styles, cuts, colors, fabrics, and options than ever before. So why not take advantage and pamper your junk a little?

G I joe

The children as well as adults have been playing with the various action figures for more than a century. That is the reason they’ve become one of the most collectible types of toys in the market. The fascination of these toys is really incredible. These toys are the statues of live figures who are very popular all over the world, which include film stars, sports stars, politicians and other celebrities.

People just love to collect and play with the statue toys of the icons they admire and wish to look alike. Many people love to decorate their living rooms with these action toys.

If you look forward to let your children have fun, while learning some responsibilities and some heroism, these action figures are the great way to start. These toys are available online as well as some of the offline stores. To buy these action figures at discounted prices, you can use the coupon code to get the 20% off on cubify action figures and save your money. There have been hundreds of action figures released over the last century from various comics and movies, the most iconic action figure is the ‘G I Joe’. Let’s figure out some of the coolest action figures released till the date.

  1. G I. Joe: This is the first ever released toy based on military theme launched by Hasbro company. This toy is available in two lines : 12 inch line star and 3 3/4 inch line. The first range came in four US armed forces branches that included Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines.
  1. Transformers : This is a big hit worldwide. There are huge fans including kids and youngsters of these fictional characters. These toys transform into Dinosaurs and the ‘Headmasters’ that turn into a small robot and controls the body.
  1. Batman : This is a fictional character that first appeared in a DC comic book in 1939 and then made his presence in different Medias. Batman is also known as ‘Dark Knight’ and some other names. This superhero was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

There are a lot more action figures available in the market today. There are huge amount of fans today including the children and the adults and the popularity is growing everyday.

Fortune Cookies

If we have a look around the world there would be only a few foods which are always on the mind of peoples. One of them is an ubiquitous cellophane-wrapped “dessert” which we famously know as the Fortune Cookies.

A fortune cookie is served free by Chinese restaurants around the world and it is served to the diners after they complete their meal. People get very excited when they get a fortune cookie, they eagerly crack it open, then read their fortune , eat the cookie, pay their bill, and go away merrily on their way.

But fortune cookie is a lot more then just a dessert and a strip of fortune telling paper. So lets have a look at some of the unknown aspects about fortune cookies.

Their Origin Is Unclear

Fortune cookie is claimed to be of a Japanese origin but still people are pretty much unclear about its hailing place. A report states that it was firstly sighted in America at San Francisco’s Japanese Tea Garden in the 1890’s.

The Inventor Is Unknown

In the past few years a lot of people have claimed themselves to be the sole inventor of the fortune cookies which includes the founder of the Hong Kong Noodle Company, David Jung who claims that he had invented them in 1918. Another claimer was Seiichi Koto who is a restaurant owner in Los Angeles who claimed of having got the idea of inserting fortunes into cookies from slips that are sold at temples in Japan.

They Are Based On A Japanese

In various parts of japan a cookie named sujiura senbei is sold on the new year as a symbol of good luck. This is widely considered to be the origin of the modern fortune cookies. But the fortunes are technically baked into the cookies and they are larger in size and use a different recipe.

private jet

The frequent business travelers are aware of the issues they face with the commercial air travel. More than half of their time is spent while waiting in long lines, clearing security checks, for boarding to begin, planes to take off, delayed schedules and yet more hassles when you get a cramped space on the plane stealing your comfort when you want to work or rest.

That’s exactly when you find that flying private would be a better option, where you get a customized and luxurious travel catered to you. Although the cost of a private jet would be a primary reason to opt for flying private, there are some other perks you must not have thought of, Let’s explore:

Stay away from Crowds

When you fly with private jets, you can choose to land on the small regional airports near to your work destination rather than the big and crowdy ones. Eliminating the crowd often means eliminating the long waits, parking problems, air traffic generally found on large airports.

Run On your Schedule

Instead of relying on frequently changing airline’s schedules, you can set your own schedule to fly on  your convenience with private aircraft. This helps you save a lot of time and enjoy business trips with flexibility.

Business Privacy

One of the best part of private jets is that it claims to be private. When flying private, you have enough room to work, held meetings, prepare for presentations, respond to mails and stay productive instead of sitting in a compact space surrounded with strangers as in commercial flights.

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When we look back in time there has been a major part of the community who have been believing in fortune tellers and have been regularly consulting them. But a very few people know that there are some very mystical ways through which one can predict the future.

So let’s have a look at some bizarre ways of predicting the future.

  1. Alectryomancy

Alectryomancy was a divine practice of future telling with respect to the fortune telling powers of chickens. In this, firstly a chicken  was placed in front of a pile of grains. The pile of grains presented letters and the answer which the diviner seeks were spelled depending upon the pecking of chickens at the piles.

This art form of fortune telling was used by Roman Emperor Valens to predict his successor in order to find out and eliminate any potential opponent.

  1. Haruspicy

Haruspicy was an art of fortune telling by a detailed study of animal entrails. This art of fortune telling was majorly used by the Romans, which was majorly practiced by the Etruscans.

Spurinna was the most renowned haruspex who had predicted the most famous prediction i.e the assassination of Julius Caesar, which was known as “beware the Ides of March”.

  1. Parrot Astrology

The art of parrot astrology originally hails from the southern part of India, which gained a major popularity in Singapore. This type of future prediction begins by saying the name of the customer while the teller sets a number of cards based on the Indian cosmology. Then the bird is set out of the cage and it walks out and selects a card which will determine the customers fortune.

The most famous prediction in the history of parrot astrology was done by a parakeet named Mani who successfully predicted the winners of all the 2010 FIFA World Cup quarterfinals as well as the Spain-Germany semifinals. The prediction streak of the bird broke when he failed to predict the correct winners of the final.